The story

This is Blackerspace. A space where Blackness is admired, revered and respected. A place where Blackness is recognized as the beginning of all there is and the essence of all power. Unfortunately, the children of Blackerspace do not know this. They do not know this because they do not know who they are and what their mission is.

As a result, they grow up lost, fighting each other, seeking frivolous pleasures of life, or seeking a place in their oppressor’s world, which is dying. They have not yet tuned in to the frequency of the divine creator whose beacon is incessantly transmitting their inherent mission: Build, Black people. Build.

The children of Blackerspace are scattered amongst the diaspora. They are concentrated in areas formerly known as “ghettos”, but now referred to as “inner-city” or “the hood”. Their oppressor groups them into psychological processing centers he calls schools. Here, the children are indoctrinated with their oppressor’s values, dumbed down, and sometimes drugged in order to control them. He then sorts them, selecting the submissive ones for mainstreaming into his world for his use, and discarding the rebellious ones for eventual placement in his military, penal institutions, or permanent underclass status. Intervention is strictly prohibited.

Thus, our mission:

Here, in this blog, we discuss, share, and disseminate information that will be used towards a single goal: getting our youth excited about the essential civilization building skills:  science and engineering, in a way that will cause them to want to build a better world for themselves and humanity.