Changing the world from my livingroom table

Besides writing this awesome blog, what am I doing? I just finished teaching a six-week Saturday beginning computer programming class for five boys. I conducted the class in my livingroom. I’m doing it for free. Did I mention that I am not a computer programmer by profession? I make my living as a handyman. I did a little assembly language and BASIC some twenty years ago or so,  but nothing current. I have an IT background, however my experience is mostly networking, systems, and PC hardware. I always wanted to learn coding, but never got around to it. Now I am becoming a Scratch and Alice expert, and working on Python! The point I’m trying to make is that we can teach what we know to those who don’t know it, and we do not have to be experts or have years of experience or a degree. Just a desire to learn and enjoy sharing knowledge, information, and inspiration with others. Is this something you can do? Please comment.


About MrBlackerspace

I'm a science hobbyist, Linux enthusiast, handyman, entrepreneur, community organizer, and life-long learner.
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